Sustainable Design

A lot of “cheap” homes are actually energy consuming monsters. They might be cheap to rent or buy, but if they were constructed with inferior insulation, inappropriate ventilation and/or inefficient heating systems, then they cost more to live in. So in 2008 we set ourselves the challenge to design something better: 

Sustainable HSH building panels

Our LABC certified HSH building panels are made in Wales, using locally sourced materials and Welsh manufacturers. They’re designed for maximum strength and minimum environmental impact:

  • SIMPLE  |  Off-site construction in ideal conditions at our workshop guarantee simple but highly developed building panels that are inexpensive to construct and quick to assemble on delivery.
  • WELL MADE  |  Once assembled, the panel-based structure is packed with insulation and wrapped in a breathable membrane. That means high quality standards of insulation, draught proofing and ventilation without heat loss. Well made. No frills.
  • LOCAL  |  The use of locally sourced materials and local manufacturers is good for the economy and of course it’s much better for the environment too. 
  • HEALTHY  |  Our designs use safe, natural and recycled materials that don’t cause pollution and don’t damage the health of builders, inhabitants or wildlife.