Community Housing

The New Welsh House project is all about putting people and environment at the heart of new developments. A sustainable housing project really does grow out of the community, reflecting local housing needs, local wages, the local landscape, transport systems, biodiversity and ecology. 

Participatory housing schemes can save money, save space and keep the local economy flowing, but the profit to community isn’t just financial. This is about resilience, neighbourliness and long-term protection of the community. It’s also about working with the environment, integrating design with cycle paths, allotments, green spaces, ancient trees and everything else we hold dear.

On our contributors page you will find examples of sustainable building projects and new community models that help make the best use of available money, land and energy resources, for example: 

A Co-housing scheme can be designed with common spaces, shared gardens, community heating etc as appropriate and this really does make better use of space and resources, making homes available to people of varying incomes.

A Community Land Trust can ensure that ownership of the land is by the city, town or rural community, that this land is held in perpetuity for the community and that the process of building homes is less dependent on external developers.