The New Welsh House Project: Going from strength to strength

Following completion of the Moor Park site, SEED split into two organisations –SEED (run by Edward and Emma Bulmer) works in Herefordshire whilst the New Welsh House Project (run by David and Sara Bamford), set out to develop sustainable housing solutions for Wales. 

Employing the best technicians and consultants available, New Welsh House Project been able to make further improvements to the panels, with our focus upon achieving Code level 5, just one step away from easy to build, and locally affordable zero carbon homes.

Early in 2012 a rural development initiative called Glasu gave us a generous grant to help secure accreditation through the Local Authority Building Control.  Once the accreditation process is completed, (nearly there, fingers crossed), we will be able to offer people who build with our system a 10 year warranty which will enable them to apply for mortgages.

Meanwhile, independent tests carried out by the excellent C4Ci structural consultants have rated our panel system amongst the top 3 of all the systems that they have ever tested.

We have also received high praise from the Technology Strategy Board for the decrement* capability of the building panels and the ventilation properties that allow the house to ‘breathe’.

* simply put, the decrement capability or factor is the ratio of the rate of heat flow through the structure, meaning that the houses will not just stay warm in winter but also nice and cool in summer.

In June 2012 a working group was established to build a new website for the project and to communicate the work of the New Welsh House Project.

Two small live/work units are being built nearby from the panels, which will be occupied and monitored for performance.

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