Making The Panels

In 2008, David and Sara set up SEED homes, with Edward and Emma Bulmer.

They researched the best way to design and manufacture housing panels using locally sourced materials and Welsh manufacturers. The resulting panels would form the main components of a new, integrated, affordable and super-insulated building system. These panels were to be designed for maximum strength and minimum environmental impact, using sustainably grown Welsh spruce.

The resulting process begins at the BSW sawmill in Newbridge on Wye. Here, the FSC timber arrives to be cut, dried and graded into 3 -4 standard sizes. Then it is cut again to requirements, packed, wrapped and transported to Forest Timber Engineering in Swansea. The panels are constructed in Swansea, using Wolf Systems galvanized steel webs to space the vertical timbers. Then they are clad with T&G spruce boards and transported to site. During the construction stage, the panels are packed with high quality insulation made from recycled paper.

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