About us

We all know about the environmental, social  and economic challenges ahead, but what action can we take? One thing we have to do is to tackle the urgent need for safe, sustainable and affordable housing in our towns and communities.

New Design 

To create zero-carbon homes, that can perform as we expect them to, it's essential to address the building process – from the supply chain through the design stage to local needs and ownership. 

The New Welsh House Project has developed a way of using FSC Welsh spruce to produce super-insulated structural panels. These can be built in the factory workshop in Wales and then transported in large enough pieces to erect on site very quickly. We can build with low embodied energy by using sustainable, local materials. The result is a super-insulated, breathable, affordable and locally produced new eco-building component.

We completed our first super-insulated 3-bedroom house in 2009, subsequently awarded Code Level 4 for Sustainable Homes. Our latest project is even better, aiming for level 5. 

Land! Building! Action! 

This website is for you. It's a gathering place for sustainable building know-how.  Come here to find out about the latest green building technologies, community land trusts and co-housing initiatives. Discover practical, step-by-step guides to forming a community group, raising the finances, buying land and building better homes. The New Welsh House Project is a portal for all kinds of people who would simply prefer safe, sustainable and properly affordable homes.