The New Welsh House Project is about building safe, sustainable and affordable homes for the community.
We aim to be a catalyst for change in the building industry, putting people, community and the environment first.


We think that an affordable home is one where local people can afford to rent or buy based on local wages; heating, electricity and water bills are minimal; and people build with consideration for the future.


We can tell you about the tools community groups may use to purchase land. We can put a tried and tested SUSTAINABLE, AFFORDABLE, BUILDING SYSTEM into your hands, tell you about effective insulation, case studies, how to build within a budget, and how community build initiatives profit the community. 


A local young person can afford to stay in the area. A local family find a home. An elderly person stays in their community.  A disabled person finds the right place with good access. A community garden is planted. Communities build the homes they want and need.  Homes are built with care and attention to the things that matter.

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